"Underneath" represents the direction of a search: towards what's beneath the surface. This perspective is almost forgotten in our times, but its natural vanishing point can be found in music. Therefore every song is dedicated to people, episodes or thoughts that have an intimate connection with these depths. First of all, I would like to thank my father, my mother and my sister for their tireless support. A special thank you goes to Manuela and to her infinite patience: without her this record and many other beautiful things could not have been possible. A big hug goes to these incredible musicians: they are like family and they represent my community. Sharing with them my music was a privilege and an honor. A special thanks goes to all my teachers and mentors, both those met on my path like Silvia Bolognesi, Demian Cabaud, Joe Sanders, Stefano Battaglia, Stefano Jacoviello and those found in records, books, paintings, photos and sculptures: I owe you so much.


Bedford pt.1
A song for failures
Split decision
A call for
Bedford pt.2
Never been here


Recorded in July 2020 at Entropya Recording Studio
Engineer: Stefano BECHINI
Mastering: Stefano BECHINI
Cover Photo: Pietro PARIS
Liner Photo: Manuela PUCCIARINI
Produced by Roberto LIOLI and Vittorio BARTOLI


Jazz Music Label

Encore Music