Trio Dreams


In my second album I have focused on two interrelated topics very precious to me:
the dream and the journey.
For me dreaming is like travelling without moving and often my journeys are the realizations/manifestation of my dreams.
The track list, indeed, is composed of all the pieces I mostly wrote during the journeys I was lucky enough to do in the last few years.

The only exception is Gabriel Fauré’s “gem” (Après un rêve), which focuses on the mentioned topics.
I tried to translate into music what has remained in my heart of the different cities I visited (which often are the songs’ titles).
I tenderly remember the people, relations, culture, places and, especially, the inner journey they represented for me.
I strongly believe that it is essential to experience this dimension and then go back to everyday life, looking at it with a different type of awareness.
Special thanks to Francesco Ponticelli and Bernardo Guerra who completely understood my idea of composition and sound, strongly enhancing it with their personalities.
I deeply hope you will like it, enjoy!
I warmly thank all the people that with their Love and support helped me to realize my small / big dreams, starting with my parents Mara and Giampiero, my brother Mauro and my girlfriend Valentina. Special thanks to Roberto and Vittorio who allowed me to realize these albums, making a qualitative leap, Daniele for the beautiful musical experiences we have done in the last few years, Francesco and Bernardo for their essential contribution, Ramberto, Michele and Stefano for giving me the means to express myself. I would like to thank my town, Cannara (PG): meeting again all the people I was born and raised with and feeling their enthusiasm is something that fills me with joy and makes me feel the importance of my roots. Last but not least, my thanks go to all of you that are listening to this album!

Jazz Music Label

Encore Music