For The Living


This album is an exceptional adventure for me. Above all, I want to thank Mister Jan Bang for being the driving force and for making me stick to the vision. Thank you Jan for the time, passion, cutting-edge ideas and artistry you put in the project, throughout the entire process. Thanks for taking me to places I wouldn’t have gone to otherwise. Thanks to Roberto Lioli for supporting me from the very beginning, for introducing me to Jan, for his patience, understanding and for bringing me back to reality when needed. Thanks to Vittorio Bartoli for making this happen, to Francesca Scarinci for her never-ending help and advice on all levels, to Beko, Francesco and Enrico for the beautiful energy during the recording sessions, to Barbara for being with us. Thanks to all the amazing musicians involved! Every single one of you brought something unique to the music. Thanks to Eivind Aarset, whom I was honored to have onboard! Thanks to Monica Germino for being my precious irreplaceable editor once again. And last but not at all least, thanks to my wonderful family: Cristiano, Agata, Franca, Paolo, Roberto, Livia, Ronaldo, Enea, Simplicio, Ulisse e Pippo. I dedicate this to my friend and colleague Sanne Van Hek. Just so you know, Sannety, I find it unfair that I won’t be able to play you this record and hear your sharp comments on it. Love you.

Cristina Zavalloni Bologna, 23/9/2020.


1.Soupir (From 3 Poèmes de Mallarmé by M.Ravel / S.Mallarmé)
2.Là-bas, vers l’église (From 5 Mélodies Populaires Grècques by M.Ravel / M.D.Calvocoressi)
3.Random Weather (J.Bang / E.Honoré)
4.Contagio (J.Bang / C.Zavalloni)
5.Un Attimo (J.Bang / C.Zavalloni)
6.Light Spoken (J.Bang)
7.Serenity (From Songs by C.Ives / J.G.Whittier)
8.Radiance (C.Arcelli)
9.Visitazione (C.Zavalloni)
10.Chanson de la mariée (From 5 Mélodies Populaires Grècques by M.Ravel/M.D.CalvocoressiJ.Bang)
11.For the Living (J.Bang)


Recorded at:
Cicaleto Studio, Arezzo, Italy between August 23 – September 1, 2020
Punkt Studio, Kristiansand, Norway between August 23 – 25, 2020
Fonoprint, Bologna, Italy on September 18, 2020
Sound Engineers: Roberto LIOLI, Stefano Beko BECHINI, Francesco PONTICELLI, Jan BANG, Enrico CAPALBO
Mixed by: Roberto LIOLI
Mastering: Creative Mastering Stefano CAPPELLI
Liner Photo and Cover: Barbara RIGON
Produced by: Jan BANG and Cristina ZAVALLONI
Arranged by: Cristiano ARCELLI, except Visitazione and Random Weather arranged by Cristina ZAVALLONI. Chanson de la mariée and Là-bas, vers l’église transcribed for ensemble by Mauro MONTALBETTI.
Executive Producers: Roberto LIOLI, Vittorio BARTOLI and Francesca SCARINCI (Ass. Culturale – Ex B)

In loving memory of Sanne van Hek


Jazz Music Label

Encore Music