You can never be alone when you realize that we are all one´´

Federico provides us with a trip through different worlds of sound, erasing the barrier between classical and popular music, creating a music free of prejudice and one that is deeply imaginative;
In AllOne we can distinguish from the most delicate melodies to an impressive virtuosity, at times incorporating Loops as well as various contemporary electronic sounds.

*My deepest thanks to :
Loly Amarillo from Direct Collective,Encore Music label , my dear friend Herman Van Haaren ( for introducing Vedanta to me ,a very cool science about self-kwnoledge ), James Swartz and Alejandro Jodorowsky whose knowledge served as inspiration for me and this project, my great friend Felipe Badaro (for helping me to find the perfect girl for La Niña Invisible) , Natasha and Fernando Chitnisky for your amazing patience during the process, Ceci de los Santos ,my family and my beautiful lovely and brave wife for all the love and spiritual support in everything I do ...


1 Incepción 5.03
2 Cometas 3.02
3 La Niña invisible 2.59
4 Dance of Reality 2.07
5 Alone 2.48
6 Clear Doubts 3.43
7 El Loco 2.47
Bonus track

Produced by Roberto Lioli and Vittorio Bartoli
Federico Nathan: Compositions, violin, percussion, Keyboards, voices, loops, electronics
Natasha Chitnisky: Voice in La Niña Invisible:
Cecilia De los Santos: Choir in La Niña Invisible
Fernando Chitnisky: Voices in La Niña Invisible
Vicente Sabater: Production Sound Mixer
Roberto Lioli and Vicente Sabater: Sound Engineers
Stefano Cappelli: Mastering -


Jazz Music Label

Encore Music